Why Streets of Rogue is Worth Playing

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What is Streets of Rogue?

Streets of Rogue is a top-down pixelated Roguelite game that offers a wide variety of different ways to play the game. The game will put you in a randomly generated city with 6 unique stages, with each stage containing 3 floors. On each floor you are assigned 2-3 missions that you must complete before exiting the level. These missions can vary from simple things such as destroying an object, to something trickier such as neutralizing a building full of police.

The magic of this game comes from how many ways you can go about beating these missions. Have to neutralize someone? Instead of attacking them and killing them why not try threatening them first? They may decide to leave town depending on different things such as your weapon and followers. Have to steal an item inside a house? You could walk in guns blazing, or you could plant a bomb outside the wall and blow your way into the room. Is there a window in the room? If so break the window and crawl through for the cost of some of your health


Often you can avoid conflicts all together if you have any followers that can handle a mission for you. This game will allow you to hire NPCs that will follow and listen to you, allowing you to utilize their classes specialties.  For example if you hire a hacker, you can have them hack into a slot machine to increase your chances of winning. Using followers to attack enemies, or break into a building can help you protect your HP and avoid unnecessary deaths. 

Streets of Rogue allows you to play with up to 4 people, either online or on one computer. Having a full squad of four people makes the shenanigans you can get into even more fun. It allows you to utilize more then one character at a time, allowing you to try different team combinations. 


Mayhem is always more fun with a buddy (or 3)

One annoying thing in almost any game is when the police start trying to take you down as well as the enemy. So instead of acting like a goody two-shoes or getting shot up by the police, this game gives you a third option where you simply just pay them off. If you pay off one police office they will all ignore your crimes for the rest of the floor, letting you steal, kill, or anything in between right in front of them. Except if you do any of that to an officer, then the whole squad will be after you…


As you make you way through each floor you gain EXP through a multitude of different actions. Things like killing enemies and completing missions will reward you with different amounts of experience. You can also receive different experience depending on the character you are, for example a cop would gain experience for arresting criminals, but loses if you arrest someone who is innocent. Once you gain enough EXP you will level up, this will  instantly healing you.

Once you finish the floor you can choose from 3 random traits for each level you gained on that floor. These perks do things like increasing the damage done with your fists by 40% or increasing the amount of followers you can have. Some of these can be upgraded as well to offer better versions of the traits. These are only a couple of examples, I would say there is around 50 or more traits that can appear as a level up choice.


One of my favorite parts of this game is how much different your playthrough will be depending what character you choose. At the start of each new round you can choose one of the playable character classes. Each of these classes feels unique and provides their own advantages. Offering abilities and actions that other characters could never use. As well as abilities each character starts with a set of items/weapons, but most of these items and weapons can be obtained by any character throughout the game. They all also have their own unique quests that if  completed on each floor for a winning round you will unlock extra features. Some of these classes include:

All Playable Characters Streets of rogue

Current Playable Characters 


As a thief you start with a load that would make any real life criminals dreams. They excel at getting things done quickly and without suspicion. Offering unique ability that allows them to pickpocket any npc’s, allowing them to get things like keys and safe combinations without alerting the owner. They can also steal common items such as money, potions, etc.

Their unique main mission requires looting a set required amount of chests on each floor. This can be tricky as most of them are guarded. Thankfully it is made a little easier with the thief’s starting items that allows you to act sneakily right away. Their starting set includes:

Crowbar: This can be used as a weapon or in case you need to bust open any locked doors.

Lockpick (3): Used to open locked doors or chests so you can avoid conflicts.

Safe Buster (3): If there’s a locked safe you haven’t got the code for yet, simply place down one of these bad boys on it and open it up.

Window Cutter (3): Rather than breaking windows and crawling through at the cost of your HP, a window cutter will let you completely remove the window so you can safely pass through it.

Cardboard Box (3): While I believe the boxes main use is supposed to be hiding from those pesky cameras, which it does a great job of. Personally I normally just used them to feel like Snake..

Wall Bypasser (5): These provide the quickest route in and out of buildings. Simply run into the wall you want to get to the other side and activate the bypasser. You will instantly teleport past any wall in your way.


The two gangster characters are actually the only two characters that are clones of one another. the blue Crepe gang is in a turf war against the red Blahd gang.  Playing as either of these characters you do not have an active ability like the thieves pickpocketing, what you do have though is a very fun passive ability! Any time you see gang members from your gang you can walk over to them and ask them to join you, unless they are badly injured they will always say yes. This is great for building up a small gang of followers! The downside of this however is that whenever you an opposing gang see’s you, they will do whatever it takes to end your life.

Their unique quest, believe it or not, is to wipe out all enemy gang members on each floor. They don’t have a large selection of starting items, but they give you the essentials of gang life. A knife for stabbing, a pistol for shooting, 2 phones to call your boys for backup and a boombox.


As a gorilla your unique quest is to travel the city saving your fellow gorillas from the cages that the doctors and thugs have been experimenting on them. Once they are free they will then join your cause, following you in your pursuit of freeing all of species. Use your gorilla strength to smash through your enemies and build your own personal army.

The downsides are that you are unable to communicate with any humans (Unless you have a translator of course) so most problems are solved with your fists. Especially since with your large gorilla hands it is impossible to use guns. But with arms like those, why would you need guns anyway.

Final Thoughts

Streets of rogue provides each person who plays it a unique experience, allowing you to solve problems how you would like. I only talked about 3 different playable characters in this article, but there are over 20 playable characters already, not even counting the custom characters you can create,  that each provide different possibilities. While you will only start with a certain amount of characters, traits, and items unlocked, as you play the game you will unlock characters and earn chicken nuggets from leveling, which can then be spent on traits or items that can then be found anywhere on the floor. This game just recently went from alpha into beta, but it already provides more gameplay then many other games out there.

Where Can You Buy the Game?

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