3 of my Favorite Online FPS Games

I remember while growing up I played a lot of Team fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Source and had some amazing times with them. Since first playing these two games, I have played many different shooters from many genres. While some of the shooters I have played have left a lasting impression on me, some of them have also lead to some significant disappointment. For this article however, we are going to focus on 3 online shooters that I have fell in love with.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six attacker breaching through wall

As cool as this picture is, it would be a horrible set up for your team. 

Without a doubt Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege is one of my most played games, with over 600 hours in game. This game hit me like an addiction that I still can’t kick for good. It is the type of game I won’t play for months, but then when I do decide to launch it, it might be the only game I play for the next month. 

For those who are unaware of what this game is, it is a 5 v 5, first person, tactical shooter. The teams swap between playing as attackers and defenders. The map is normally a large building that has a wide variety of entry points such as windows, doors, or hatches that can be opened and entered. At the beginning of each round you can choose one of the growing number of operators, each with their own unique special abilities, weapons and gadgets. Currently there are 23 attackers and 23 defenders to choose from. 

The attackers start outside the building and must push the objective, which can be either to secure an area, defuse a bomb, or rescue a hostage. The attackers must communicate with each other (or at least should, doesn’t mean your team always will) to breach into the building and either take out all defenders or complete the objective. 

The defenders must set up defenses and defend the objective. Everyone starts with 2 barricades that you can put on any breakable wall, stopping normal methods of breaching. Using their traps and defenses the defenders must either defend the objective until the time runs out or kill all of the attackers. 

This game is a very easy game to become frustrated with. Bullets do not have any drop, any head shot (even from a pistol) is an instakill and if you die your out for the rest of the round. Matches are not just going to come down to which team has the better shooters, it takes things like map knowledge, teamwork, and of course game sense to get the win.

What makes this game so addicting for me is how good it feels when you finally make a sweet play. The rush after something like being the last one alive in a 1 v 3 yet, still managing to win for your team is comparable to a hit of adrenaline directly into your veins!

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Overwatch Characters

Overwatch is a fast paced, team-based multiplayer first-person shooter that allows you to choose from a range of different heros (characters), each with their own unique weapons and skills. The main matches consist of two teams of 6 competing against each other to complete an object. These objectives are either control points (Control or Assault), payloads (Escort) or a combination of both (Assault/Escort).  

They break the characters up into three main categories: tank, damage and support. Tank characters are heroes that can soak up damage due to high health and/or shield abilities. Most tanks can also break through fortified positions and scattered the enemies. Damage heros are the heroes who can output the most damage, with skills and abilities designed to take out the enemy team. Support heroes can strengthen their team providing useful assistance such as healing and shields.

Besides the regular competitive or casual game modes, Overwatch is great for adding additional game modes in to keep you entertained. For example, one of my favorites is Elimination, where there is no respawns and both teams compete to be the last one standing. Click this if you want to see all of their game modes.

As I mostly play casual in overwatch I find it a great game to pick up and play every now and then. I find it easy to sink plenty of hours into this game thanks to the abundance of game modes and the fact that each character is unique enough to change your play style any time you would like.

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Overwatch Hanzo Double Kill

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black ops 4 characters 2019

I have never been the biggest Call Of Duty fan, really only playing some Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 1  (mostly zombies for my xbox 360) years ago. That being said, I have put a lot of hours into Black Ops 4.

I have no regrets with this purchase, the gameplay is very enjoyable thanks to the smooth movement and polished gun play. It also provides many different game modes that you can switch between if you find yourself getting bored. The game has taken a bit of a different direction than other call of duty’s, getting rid of healing automatically in favor of having to manually heal. I like this change as it puts more pressure on you, forcing you into trying to heal in risky situations. 

Some people have complained due to this games lack of a story mode, but I think it has offered a fair amount of game modes in exchange. Let’s take a look at them:

Multiplayer: In multiplayer there are 10 different specialist that you can choose from, each with their own unique specials and abilities. This is what I have spent most of my time playing since I have got the game. Offering diverse options of different game modes and maps, you can always keep yourself entertained. It also offers a decent amount of weapons, upgrades and abilities that you can work towards! 

Blackout: Blackout is Call of Duty’s take at a battle royal. While I did not spend as much time in this mode as multiplayer due to the fact that I had tired myself out on battle royals before I even got the game, I still very much enjoyed it. I put a fair amount of hours into this mode thanks to the fun gameplay and rush you get after an intense fight. This was my favorite battle royal until Apex Legends came out, and the main reason I prefer Apex is due to it being free so I can play with any of my friends.

Zombies: With more maps and more customization than ever before, Black Ops 4 offers one of the franchises best zombie mode. Survive as long as possible with your team, unlocking new areas to access different weapons. Anyone who has enjoyed zombies in previous Call of Duty games will have a blast with this one!

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Which one should you play?

So now you’ve made if down here so let’s pretend you’re now interested in picking one of these titles up. Which one is for you?

Play Rainbow Six: Siege if you are looking for a slower paced, more tactical based experience. In this game intel is everything, knowing where/who your enemies are and knowing where the objective is. But be warned, while the lead up to fights can often be slow paced, once a fight breaks out normally it ends very shortly after.

Play Overwatch if you want to play as or against a gorilla welding a Tesla Cannon, a robot that can turn into a turret (is a turret maybe?), and other as equally unique characters! Play as any of the huge cast of character and battle with style. Basically, if you liked Team Fortress 2 you’ll love this game.

Play Black Ops 4 if you want a intense online shooter experience, a battle royal, or a chance to crush zombies with friends. This game offers many different game modes and ways to play, so there is always something to enjoy.

These are just a few of my favorite shooter, there are plenty of other ones I love and wanted to write about but didn’t make it into this article. I will most likely end up making more articles in the future about this topic to discuss some of my other favorite online shooters!

Call of Duty - Black ops 4

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