Streets of Rogue – Tips and Tricks

Streets of Rogue is an incredible rogue game that allows you to complete missions through a variety of different methods. If you haven’t read my review yet about the game, you can check it out here!

The game can definitely be very challenging to make it through to the end, especially if you are trying to go for a character’s unique mission. In this article I am going to talk about some of the tips I’ve found most useful in my 150+ hours of gameplay! 

Have Someone Do It For You

Bribe a gangster to attack a security guard for you.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is funny how often it is forgotten. Instead of running into a building with several enemies and traps at the risk of dying, simply hire someone and have them take care of the task for you. Of course, one hired person may not be able to take on the whole building, but if you are smart you can have them do specific things like take out the computer so that all the traps get shut off. Different NPC’s offer different services when hired! Some of the people you can hire include: 

  • Thief: Hiring a thief is a great option if you want to get through any windows or unlock any doors. You can tell a hired thief to unlock a door or remove a window completely. Be careful once they finish their task, they will stop following you. 
  • Gangsters: The gangsters are often the best class to hire if you are planning on having them fight someone. If any gang members of the same color see them fighting they will join in and try to help! However, if an opposing gang member shows up, they will try and fight the NPC you hired so you must be careful.
  • Hacker: Hackers are arguably the best class to hire as they have a large range of different objects they can hack. You can hack slot machines to raise your chance of winning, ATM’s to shoot out cash, or computers to get a large range of options from shutting down traps to releasing gas. These are just a few of the items that can be hacked, there are many more. Hackers will stop following you after hacking one device. You can also use the item “Portable Hacking device” to hack the objects yourself. 

Dealing With Unknown Syringes

Turn giant with the help of a syringe in Streets of Rogue

Syringes are items in this game that can have many different effects, ranging from invisibility to sulfuric acid. You cannot tell what effect syringes have unless you have a specific trait or have already used the same type of syringe. 

Now this is a simple one but can save your run. If you have an unknown syringe there are a couple different methods that work well for discovering what it is. The easiest way is to simply pay a scientist to analyze it for you, you will then be able to view what effect is has! 

But if your saving your money you can simply test the syringe on a vent system. That will then spread the effects throughout the building and affect anyone who runs through the syringe clouds. This can be super useful if it turns out to be something like Poison or Sulfuric acid, but very disappointing if you end up wasting something like invincibility. You can also test them in lake that have a filter in the Parks, this is great for helpful syringes as you can use them multiple times by hopping in the water when the effects wear off. However, this means NPC’s can also jump into the pond and get the effect!

Another third option is if you want to test them on yourself, make sure to do it by a toilet! Any toilets in the game will allow you to purge your current status affects, which can be extremely useful. However, be careful, if you have an effect like resurrection it will also be removed!

Making Money

Bribing a bartender

Just like in the real world, money makes your playthrough much easier. Allowing you to pay off the cops, hire help, purchases items for missions and so much more! There are many ways to make money, such as: 

  • Break into empty houses. Any house that has a fridge and is empty is an opportunity to make some money. Any wooden door can be broken by punching it or hitting it with a weapon, even if the door is locked!  In the fridge there is normally some money or healing items 
  • Check every garbage can. You will find money or items that can be used or sold.    
  • Hacking things is a great way to make money either as a hacker or by using a Hacking Tool. If you hack a slot machine you are able to increase your chances of winning, you can hack ATM’s and they will spit out cash, and you can hack Sell-O-Matics too increase how much you earn for sold items.                   
  • If you get a Ghost Gibber item instead of selling it find a graveyard and destroy the graves. Any ghosts that appear can then be eliminated with the Ghost Gibber ray. This will let you get money from both the gravestones and the ghosts!  
  • Shapeshifters often have a large amount of money on them and are often worth killing. You can identify shapeshifters by the red eyes of the NPC they possess.                                                    
  • If you see bank with no guards rob it. The safe inside normally contain a fair amount of gold. 

Other Tips And Tricks

Burning a house down in streets of rogue
  • Don’t be afraid to pay off the cops. For a rising cost on each floor you can pay the cops to ignore any crimes you commit for the floor. That will affect you and the rest of your followers for the remainder of that floor. The cops will still get angry if you hit them or commit a crime to any of the officers. 
  • Utilize your character’s abilities. Know what makes them strong and what their weaknesses are. Ex. A doctor is very effective at taking enemies down quietly using their chloroform hanky. However, since they cannot use any weapons, they are very weak when it comes to an actual fight.
  • Some other hackable items include TV’s can be blown up to open houses. Fridges can be hacked to “Run”, causing it to move in one direction and often smashing through a section of the house. Ammo and vending machines can be hacked for lower prices. Clone machines can be hacked to get a random free follower,      
  • Do not be afraid to utilize your items. Often I find myself dying with an amazing item since I get a case of “Too good to use” syndrome. Try to avoid this by utilizing items more freely. This will also help in the case of not running out of inventory space as fast.          
  • Breaking objects with weapons does not use up it’s durability, so it’s helpful to break doors or other objects using your best weapon!

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