Remnant from the ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes

After playing a variety of different games over the past few months nothing has really inspired me to write a new review until I played Remnant: From the Ashes. Remnant feels like Dark Souls and Destiny meet and it opens up a lot of exciting possibilities. 

When you launch the game you are met with a beautiful world to explore. The world has been taken over by something known as “The root”. The root is growing larger and stronger, trying to consume what is left of humanity. It is up to you to battle through hordes of enemies and take down behemoths of bosses to try and save what remains of the world.

Root Monster in Remnant from the Ashes

When starting the game you will start only with a melee weapon, but you will quickly gain access to several guns as well. This lead to me trying to follow a dark souls esque build, focusing on my strength and stamina. I quickly realized focusing on melee was not working for me so I found myself becoming more and more reliant on the guns.   

As I stated the combat feels like Dark Souls meets Destiny. You will find yourself rolling from enemies attacks while swinging and shooting with everything you have at them. Armour even has a weight section that affects you roll speed similar to dark souls. I switched back and forth between using Mouse+keyboard and an Xbox 360 controller. While the movement feels smoother on a controller, the shooting of course feels much better with a mouse. So I would often find myself using a controller until I found myself stuck on a boss, and would then switch to mouse and keyboard. 

As you blast your way through different areas and enemies you will gain scraps, materials, and experience. Scraps are the games currency, they can be used to buy new weapons/armour, purchase different usable items, and are required for upgrading weapons. Materials are similar to Dark Souls in the sense that you need iron to upgrade regular weapons to +5, forged iron for 6-10, etc You can collect materials throughout the world or by defeating enemies.

Upgrade your weapons in Remnant

Experience allows you to level up specific traits you earn throughout the game. For example at the first you are only able to level up your health, stamina, and one that depends on the starting class you pick (in my case it was strength). You then earn new traits by a variety of different things ranging from defeating bosses to completing specific achievements (Ex. Collect x amount of items). These traits can range from things to earn more experience, higher chance for critical hits, etc. 

To get new equipment you are required to take down specific bosses. You can then use the item you get from defeating the boss to craft a specific item that it relates to. These can be new melee weapons, primary weapons, sidearms, armour, or weapon mod. Weapon mods are special items that can be added to most ranged weapons (some have pre-set mods that cannot be changed) that give the weapon an alt method of use. The effects can be both defensive or offensive, ranging from things like turning your weapon into a flamethrower, to one that reduces the melee damage you take.

Remnant From the Ashes skill screen

The world is a partially randomly generated, which means that you will not encounter everything the game has to offer just from a single run through. This also allows you to have a semi-fresh experience when you are replaying through the game. The game allows you to “re-roll” your game at any point, which will refresh the story and any area you have already beat. I beat the story in under 20 hours the first time then rerolled the game and chose to play through it on the hard difficulty. 

Remnant from the Ashes

While this game is not going to dethrone Sekiro as my favorite game of 2019, I will admit I am having a lot of fun with it. The combat is not only extremely satisfying but offers a fair challenge, it lets you smoothly switch between ranged and melee combat giving you flexibility on how you approach a fight. The weapons are all rather unique and the weapon mods are a very fun way to modify your weapon. The biggest draw for me is the feeling of pure bliss when you finally beat a boss you’ve been having troubles with.

However the game is of course not without its fault. It seems to try and explain the story in a similar fashion to Dark Souls, only offering you partial information and seemingly throwing you in the middle of a big event. Personally that doesn’t bother me, when it comes to games like this I am much more invested  in the combat rather than the story. I have also experienced a few glitches while playing through the game, including having one my vendor NPCs completely disappear. 

You can purchase Remnant from Steam, or play it on Xbox or PS4!

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