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4 Must Play Roguelite Games

An image of the 1980’s game “Rogue”. Rogue was the first roguelike games and where the genre name comes from. 

Roguelite games are games that often can offer an incredible amount of replayability. Since they often offer randomly generated world/floors, you often find yourself discovering something new about the game, even after 100’s of hours of gameplay.

I have always been a big roguelite fan. As someone who suffers from a serious issue of not being able to complete half the games I play, I love the ability to simply launch a round and only worry about completing that round. There are many different roguelite games that I’ve played that I think are worth talking about, but for this article we will just take a look at 4 of the games I put the most hours into.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a over the head roguelite twin stick shooter game. The plot is that Isaac’s bible loving mother is convinced God is telling her to kill her son. In a panic Isaac escapes through his treasure chest, which is a strange world where he can shoot enemies with his tears. The goal is to defeat the boss on each floor so Isaac can escape into the floor below.  Each floor has a item room where you can pick up one of the hundreds of items that are in this game. As you progress through the game you will earn more items, these items can synergize with each other causing your tears (bullets) to have different effects.

The original Binding of Isaac was one of the first roguelite game that ever fully caught my attention. It started back years ago when I was in highschool with the original Binding of Isaac. I would play round after round of it. Me and my friends used to get together with our laptops and have “Isaac races” to see who could get to a certain floor the quickest.

Then when Binding of Isaac:Rebirth came out in 2014 during our first year of University, we started racing again. Rebirth somehow managed to take the already incredible game and make it even more interesting and replayable. I have over 400 hours in the original Isaac and close to 600 in Rebirth! 

With the huge assortment of items you never know how a run is going to go. Even though you start the round with regular tears by the end of  it you may have giant lasers shooting out of all sides of you. 

For anyone who hasn’t tried this game yet, get it. It is well worth the cost.

Streets of Rogue

Streets Of rogue Logo

Streets of Rogue is a chaotic roguelite game that lets you explore a new generated city on each floor. The game allows you to choose from one of their many different characters to go through each floor until you reach the bottom. On each floor you have to complete 2-3 missions that can range from helping someone escape from jail to neutralizing everyone in a specific house and everything in between.

The main reason the game is so fun is the flexbility it gives you to complete a mission. Rather than killing someone you have to neutralize why not try threatening them? If they fear you enough they might just leave town without any violence, or you may just piss them off and end up fighting them anyways.

You can read my full Streets of Rogue Review here.

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Enter the Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon A farewell to Arms Update

Enter the Gungeon is a top down twin stick shooter roguelite game where the goal is to get through the Gungeon.

This game is incredibly hard. You must dodge bullet hell while trying to clear each room so you can get to the next one. You can use your roll to dodge bullets and can flip over tables to use as temporary shields. As you progress through the floors you will find more powerful guns and other items that will make your journey easier. This game offers plenty of unique weapons that can make or break your runs.

Enter the Gungeon offers a selection of different starting characters you can choose from, each with their own starting weapons and items. You can also unlock several new characters in a variety of different ways.Throughout runs you will pick up special credits that can be used to unlock new weapons and items to appear in the dungeon! The game can also be played with local co-op, so you and a buddy can play together!

The developers have put out several large free updates that offer great new features, characters, items, and weapons, with their last one being released on April 6th!  And guess what? This updates add the ability to pet a dog that is in the game!

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Slay the Spire

Slay the spire logo

Slay the Spire is a very fun roguelite card battling game where the goal is to beat the boss of every floor. Each run you can choose from any of the three core characters, who each have different starting decks. Each character/deck offers unique ways to play and will affect what cards you are able to get throughout your run.

As you progress through the run you can customize your deck by adding cards, removing cards, or even upgrading cards.With over 250 cards offered you can pick and choose which ones will best suit your needs!

You can also earn relics through certain events. Relics permanently provide a passive bonus for the rest of the run. This could be something that simply raises your max hp by 7, or it could make it so every skill card you picked up is automatically upgraded! There are currently over 150 relics to find throughout your run.

After picking your character you will be able to choose a “room” to go to first. Rooms are shown by different icons that can represent different things. For example, the small looking monsters are regular enemies, while the enemies with horns are the Elite (stronger enemies), that offer relics upon defeat. There are also treasure rooms, campfire rooms, shops and unknown rooms! This is my favorite digital card game and I would recommend anyone who likes rouge games and/or card games to check it out!

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