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Void Bastards Review

Void Bastards is a game developed by Blue Manchu and published by Humble Bundle. It combines a mash-up of different genres that combine to make a very unique game! I had heard very little about this game previous to release, but after watching the trailer I was quick to purchase it.

Void Bastards is not a story heavy game. The game focuses on a ship called the Void Ark as it floats through space trying to gather the parts to repair itself. You play as a prisoner of the ark whose tasked with gathering the parts needed to repair the ship. You will have to journey outside of the ark using a smaller ship to travel through space. 

As you collect different items you will be able to craft weapons and supplies to help you survive! Items can be salvaged from other ships, but every citizen in this part of the universe has been corrupted into mutated hostile creature. This means you will have to fight for your life every time you board another ship.

What is unusual is instead of following your character the game follows the story of the ship itself. So even if you are to die while exploring other ships, the Void Ark will request another prisoner be sent in your character’s place. 

Void Bastard Arrival of prisoner

Arrival of a new prisoner 

You will then receive a fresh pack containing ammo and items and will be able to start exploring the solar system as the fresh prisoner. Fortunately, any item or weapon you crafted will remain unlocked to allow you to continue progressing without starting from scratch. 

Every character starts with their own personal traits that will change different aspects of the game. Some of these may be beneficial for you while others may be a pain to deal with. Some are just funny and have little affect on the actual game play. These traits can range from things such as being a Smoker causing you to cough randomly and alert enemies to things such as having a chance not to use fuel when you travel.

Void Bastard Item crafting screen

Item Crafting screen

The game plays like FTL: Faster than Lights meets System Shock 2. While in your ship you’ll get to choose which direction to fly while managing your food and fuel supplies. Each time you travel to a new location you will consume 1 fuel and 1 food. If you run out of food you will lose health each time you travel. If you run out out fuel you have to drift from one point to another on the map. This causes you to have to use several food supplies while drifting as it takes multiple days. The universe offers different ship types and locations on the map that you will have to choose between, while also trying to move towards your current goal.

At each ship you encounter you will have the option to board the ship and scavenge for fuel, food and other supplies. As you scavenge through the ship you will be able to collect different materials so that you can craft new weapons, items, and upgrades. Of course, this means facing the mutated civilians on board.

Travelling void bastards map

Travelling through space

Before boarding another ship, you will be able to choose from the different weapons and items you have crafted so far. You will then board the ship and begin exploring it. Different ships will offer different loot, rooms and enemies.

As you explore the ship you will be able to interact with different rooms. For example, if you make it to the Helm of the ship you can download a map of the ship that will show any loot you can go collect. You can also pay a small fee and be able to see the enemies on the map as well.

Some rooms you will not find aboard all ships but instead only on rare occasions. One such is a room that contains space-chute that you can use to launch enemies into the endless void of space. Another one of my favorites to find is a Gene room, where you you can choose to remove or add additional character traits to your current prisoner! 

Void Bastard shooting enemy into space

Launching enemy out of spaceship

The combat differs from other FPS games where you can mindlessly shoot through waves of enemies. It instead offers a more strategic approach to making it through each area. By letting you do things such as locking doors or shutting down security systems it allows you to be a little more tactical than in some FPS games. It allows you to use your unique weapons to take out enemies out in a large assortment of ways, from shooting them with nails to trapping them in your gun.

Void Bastards Trapping Enemy in gun

Trapping in enemy in your gun and dropping them in a fire

The game offers a rather challenging but rewarding experience. While it may feel slow at first it will only get better as you unlock more interesting weapons and upgrades. There is much more to learn about the game and surprises to find along the way. Choose your way to kill, run, or sneak through abandoned ships!

If you are a fan of games that offers a unique experience than this is one you cannot miss!

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